Trains on Main Scavenger Hunt is coming to Historic Downtown Madison. The Madison Chamber of Commerce, working in conjunction with the City of Madison and the Huntsville-Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau, have come up with a fun and educational way for tourists and residents to learn more about the history of downtown Madison.

What is it?

Trains on Main Scavenger Hunt is coming to Historic Downtown Madison. The Madison Chamber of Commerce, working in conjunction with the City of Madison and the Huntsville-Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau, have come up with a fun and educational way for tourists and residents to learn more about the history of downtown Madison.

How do I participate?

Starting in May the community, tourists and visitors will have fun finding eight bronze trains that have been permanently placed in various locations in Historic Downtown Madison.


Stop by the Madison Chamber of Commerce or City Hall and pick up a clue card. Clues on the card provided by the Madison Station Historical Preservation Society will educate and inform each individual who sets out to find the trains.


At the end of the scavenger hunt bring your clue card and findings back to the Madison Chamber of Commerce Office and pick up your prize.


Share your success on social media when you find them all

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How do I find them?

How are the trains made?

There are 8 trains to find! 


Click the PDF icon to download your hint guide on where to find them.



The bronze trains were made by Everett Cox a local artist who specializes in Bronze sculptures. Watch the video to see the process at his studio at Railroad Car 8 in Lowe Mill.

How do I participate?

How are the trains made?

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